Successternships Reverses The World…Like Superman!

Successternships Reverses The World…Like Superman!

SupermanIf you spent any time as a male kid, then you know a reference to the Man of Steel will get you to read anything. I’m sorry to use Kal-El as a marketing tool, but at least I’m gangster enough to admit it. On to the good stuff, I’ve got a “jones” for helping people out, thus, the reason for this site. There is a worn-out saying that I happen to believe in, “If you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”. Needless to say, my role at Successternships is my contribution to the solution.

It’s a hard game out here. The common man and woman out there trying to get a job to live a decent semblance of this thing we call life. I already know and you don’t have to tell me that it’s hard to find a job out there. Somehow, the American public believes we are still living in the industrial age of big factories and outstanding pensions. Well…THAT AIN’T THE CASE!

As a united country, the U.S. has failed it’s citizens miserably. There is nothing “united” about our country, which has made it increasingly difficult to find a job for a lot of Americans. The people on top don’t realize that the people in the middle help make this country the stronghold that it is. Without people to spend money, it’s almost impossible to sustain a business, therefore, jobs have to be cut to save profit. Talk about “Waiting for Superman”.

Enter The Internship

If you don’t know what an internship is, let me enlighten you. An internship is a trial-run at a job that you think you might like to have. There is no money involved, so you kinda really have to love this “thing” you are doing, whatever it may be. Now, the internship is for a set period of time…oh…let’s say…3 months to 6 months (arbitrary). In that time, you are essentially on a working interview to prove yourself to the powers that be, or at least the ones that hired you.

There is no guaranteed job at the end of an internship! So you might just be working 3 to 6 months for free. Not really though, because if you are on internship for something you love, the satisfaction of the work is reward enough. Golf and travel are my loves in life (Oh…my fiance to…LOL). If I could do those things for free, IT’S ON!

Now I mention the internship because people are now using an internship to get a “foot in the door” with companies they’d like to work for. It’s a brilliant idea. The only problem is there are usually so many different people in the company you want to work for. Who do you talk to about becoming an intern? What department? Are they ever in the office? How long will they let you intern? Is there any pay at all?

Introducing Successternships

successJust like the tagline says, “Try some careers before you commit four years”. It’s an absolutely heady idea to intern BEFORE you go to college because then you’d have some idea of what you wanted to do (AND STICK WITH) before you actually spent $40,000! The opportunity is there with an internship, but why randomly call people, get redirected 5 times, get your email sent to the trash bin, and waste your precious time when you could literally “click, click”…done?

With Successternships, it’s just that easy. We find the internship sites, negotiate the agreements, schedule times, and communicate with the right people. All you have to do is show up!

Success, and success again,

Alvin Jackson
Director of Placement
Successternships, Inc.

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