Rich or Successful? They Are NOT The Same Thing

Rich or Successful? They Are NOT The Same Thing

Exotic sand-filled beaches, 5-star ultra-luxurious resorts, personal Gulf Stream jets, over-sized over-priced decadent mansions, speed limit-shattering eye-catching foreign cars, and numerous costly fun toys. Whew! Dam…that’s a lot of stuff, which in turn costs a lot of money.

Being “Rich”

Would you consider yourself “successful” if you had the a fore mentioned things and privileges? If so, who in this world deemed that having success meant having these particular things? Somehow, we believe the “stuff” will make us happy. It’s a huge mistake in judgement that most of us make. The belief says the stuff will make us happy. We’ll soon find out like many millionaires that happiness, fulfillment, and a great life is NEVER derived from money. Can money make your life easier? Yes. Would you rather be with it that without it? Yes. Yet, will it give you peace, fulfill your spirit, or make you a better man/woman? No!

Being rich is a state of our minds. If you feel rich, then you are. Hell, it’s the whole concept behind the Law of Attraction! Hundreds of millions of people have been drawn to this concept and it works, but that’s another post. So let me ask you the question, do rich people commit suicide? Yes. Do rich people have mental, emotional, and physical problems? Of course they do. So why do we believe that little green pieces of paper will upgrade our thinking, health, and spirit? Answer: IT WON’T!

If a man/woman is rich in regard to things, then fine, but what if I take away your things? Then, I take away your worth as a human being. (Deep, huh) If we’ve tied our value in life to external things, all our attitudes, personalities, fates, and futures are now subject to shift the wind of these uncertain things. How would you ever get control of situations in our lives over which we have none? Clue: WE DON’T.

Being Successful

Pile of CashLet external rewards come from internal control. I’ve noticed with moguls such as Pharrell Williams, Steve Jobs, Sean Combs, Steve Bezos, Russell Simmons, Oprah Winfrey that the money, privileges, and toys are side effects of their mind being programmed with confidence in their own abilities. These personalities are almost obsessive-compulsive about their dream and what they have to do to get it. However, win or lose, they know life was lived on their terms and with that…achievement must come.

The term success means so many different things to so many different people, it has become just an arbitrary term earth citizens throw around in conversation. Usually, it refers to all the “stuff” I talked about earlier, but if I raise my child to be respectful, honest, and think for himself, isn’t that success? If I go for my dream job and get it, wouldn’t that be a success? If I helped bring piece to a global region by fighting a war I didn’t start, wouldn’t we¬†call that a success? I say YES to all and many more example after that!

Go deeper in your thinking. Being “rich and successful” is defined by our state of thinking. If you don’t think, others are more than willing to think for you. There are an estimated 7.3 billion people on planet Earth. That means there are 7.3 billion definitions of success and what it means to be rich. Stop watching TV and pick your definition.

Alvin Jackson
Director of Placement
Successternships, Inc.

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