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Successternship Questionnaire


Las Vegas Showgirl (Taken)

ShowgirlShowgirl (Las Vegas) – This one involves you being back stage with a Las Vegas show girl getting ready to hit the stage. If you wanted to know the life a performer, this is the Successternship you want to try!

Duration: 1 week to 5 weeks

Bank Teller (Taken)
Bank teller working in bankBank Teller (Las Vegas) – Did you ever want to stand on the other side of the bullet-proof glass at a bank? Well, here’s your chance. If you’d like to be included for this rare opportunity, here it is.

Duration: 1 week to 15 weeks

Chocolate Maker (Taken)
Making ChocolateChocolate Maker (Las Vegas) – Life is not life without some CHOCOLATE! It conjures up images of large lakes of chocolate you can dive into. Well…maybe that’s just me. LOL Take this chance to work with some real chocolateers! I know you like eating it, maybe you’d like working around it too. They might even let you have a free taste.
Ice Cream Truck Operator (Taken)
New York PhotographIce Cream Truck Operator (Arizona) – I know you all are familiar with the sound of the ice cream truck! Well, this is your one chance to see the inside of one…a nice one. Nothing against the “ghetto ice cream man” but this is top of the line stuff. Take a ride along to see if you have what it takes to be an “Ice Cream-preneur”!