Are the SUCCESSTERNSHIPS all in one field?
No. Our offering are varied and many, but you have to take advantage of the ones available before someone else take advantage. 
How long does a SUCCESSTERNSHIP last?
Our life sessions can last from 1 week to 20 weeks. The duration of a “Successternship” is based on what the company is willing to give in regards to their generous time.¬†
Do I have to spend multiple weeks at the same SUCCESSTERNSHIP or can I switch if I feel up to it?
You don’t have to spend your time at one “Successternship”. The shortest period you have to spend is one week. If you purchase 5 weeks, you can change every week! We offer this so you can make a decision on a field of study…fast!
How much does a SUCCESSTERNSHIP cost?
The prices vary, but you can see specific offers on our Price Tag For Success page. Let me ask you this, would you rather spend $99 to try a field or spend $40,000 and 4 years only to find out you don’t like it? Try some careers before you commit 4 years.
Can I spend more than 1 week on the same SUCCESSTERNSHIP?
Sure you can. As long as the site has agreed to the number of weeks you have asked for, it’s all good!
If I don't like it, can I get my money back?
This is an experience that multiple parties (including you) have agreed to. Once we’ve taken your payment, we cannot offer a refund. The resources that go into setting up our sites and keeping good relationships are at a cost. Take this¬†experience, work it and learn everything you possible can.
Will a SUCCESSTERNSHIP site work around my schedule?
The simple answer is no. If you signed up for the experiece, it’s 7 days and that’s not a long time. If you can’t do that, how would you keep the job if it was offered?
Are there any prerequisites for going on externship?
Yes, there are two. Anyone attending a SUCCESSTERNSHIP site must have completed a background check (after all, you are going to places of business) and a drug screen (no “crazies” on site!).
How much does a background check cost?
It’s around $50 to get it done, but there are places online that are more reasonable. Please make sure that your background check is done through a recognized, reputable company. Otherwise, it may not be accepted.
How much does a drug screen cost?
These usually have to be done locally, but the prices range from $40 to about $70. After that, you would not have to get another drug screen unless it’s demanded by the site.
Can anyone get into a SUCCESSTERNSHIP?
No! After the simple background check and drug screen, you have to portray success. That means you must look, act, and carry yourself with a success mindset. PERIOD!